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At VirpieTech, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative workforce solutions to complex challenges across various industries. Explore our case studies to see how we’ve partnered with clients to achieve success.

In one instance, a Fortune 100 Company was grappling with high attrition rates and low contractor productivity. By leveraging our custom recruiting process, job benchmarking expertise, and adhering to our company’s core policies of Dual-Client focus and time efficiency, we succeeded in finding the right contractors and staff to meet their IT staffing needs. This resulted in an impressive 98.5% hiring rate out of the 530 contractors we connected with, along with a 99% retention rate throughout the project’s duration. Moreover, we managed to boost the company’s productivity by an impressive 35%.

Another success story involves a Fortune 100 company that sought to streamline its staff augmentation needs nationally and enhance operational efficiency. Employing our tried-and-true recruiting methodologies, we ensured the right candidates were matched to the company’s specific requirements. VirpieTech corrected the client’s misclassification issues, leading to more organized payroll management and substantial yearly savings. Additionally, we streamlined employee time entry through custom programming and identified and resolved bottlenecks in the invoicing process. These initiatives resulted in increased productivity and improved bottom-line savings for the client.

Our expertise in low code/no code solutions shines through in a case study involving digital transformation strategies. By understanding the agency’s domain deeply, we recommended transformative strategies using low code/no code solutions. By applying foundational architecture principles to current legacy environments, adopting automation approaches, and implementing DevSecOps toolchains, we managed to accelerate time-to-value by an impressive 75% and minimize manual processes by 90%. Our team of certified professionals in Pega, Appian, ServiceNow, Salesforce, and UIPath played a pivotal role in resolving severe project challenges, ensuring successful delivery at the IRS.

VirpieTech spearheads critical modernization and digital transformation efforts within the U.S. Treasury. Our involvement spans several pivotal aspects:

Legacy Code Mastery: We utilize Java expertise to revamp legacy systems, aiding the modernization of Individual Taxpayer processing.

Combating Fraud: Our core testing team supports electronic fraud detection and return revenue programs, safeguarding financial integrity.

Architecting Modernization: We provide core enterprise architecture solutions and engineering proficiency for intake modernization initiatives like IR Modernization, FATCA, and PBBA.

Virpie excels in delivering taxpayer-centric digital apps with integrated teams of experts. Our robust enterprise architecture and IT management adhere to federal frameworks and capital planning.

Our team brings a diverse range of expertise to the table:

Lean (Six Sigma) and Agile Practices: We apply Lean and Agile methodologies, including SCRUM and SAFe, to ensure efficient project execution and delivery of tangible outcomes.

CX/UX Digital Transformation: We excel in driving customer experience and user experience (CX/UX) transformations using modern technologies such as React, Angular, and Micro-Front Ends. This approach enhances the interaction between taxpayers and digital systems.

Event-Driven Architecture and Modernization Orchestration: Our proficiency in event-driven architecture ensures seamless communication and data flow, facilitating modernization efforts across legacy systems.

Microservices Architecture: We specialize in transitioning monolithic systems into an efficient and scalable microservices architecture, enabling better agility and responsiveness.

Cloud Migration and Management: Our expertise in cloud solutions facilitates the migration of legacy systems to cloud environments, offering greater flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

Notably, our DevOps practice has significantly streamlined integration and delivery timelines. By standardizing on a core CI/CD toolset that meets cyber security, 508, and privacy requirements, we’ve drastically reduced integration and delivery durations from weeks to within a day on key projects.

VirpieTech’s unwavering commitment to driving innovative transformation within the U.S. Treasury underscores our dedication to modernization, efficiency, and delivering lasting value. Through our expertise, we are shaping a more agile, responsive, and technologically advanced government framework.

In a case study involving a Los Angeles-based bus transportation company, the aim was to enhance business process oversight and optimization. Seeking to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) across various business functions, the company pursued the creation of a portal for management and stakeholders. This portal facilitated the viewing of KPIs through dashboards and reports while also offering department-specific dashboards based on business units and designations.

To ensure a seamless user experience, a hybrid solution utilizing Tableau and ASP .NET MVC was adopted. The solution prioritized security by granting location-specific and user-specific permissions for charts and reports. The project successfully captured and reported data from diverse sources such as FTP, SharePoint, TransitMiner, and Collective Data, integrating information from multiple locations into a unified report portal. This transformation enabled the generation of fast and efficient reports, even when dealing with large datasets.

In this scenario, Virpie took the initiative to create a secure and private Cognos reporting portal that houses a collection of reports spanning several years. The portal stands out for providing a wide range of reports, including those for departments such as Marketing and Finance. This initiative empowered management to gain clear insights into major trends, risks, and opportunities within the business. Furthermore, the portal features multiple dashboards distributed to various departments and business groups through Account Management and Senior Management channels on different schedules, including hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. Key features include an alerting system that generates email notifications based on predefined rules, user-friendly packages specifically designed for ad-hoc reporting, and the incorporation of various Cubes developed over recent years to enhance data analysis. The reports are designed to allow for a drilldown to the order level, and an automated system ensures that monthly reports are distributed to different stakeholders. This automation aids in tracking the rise in the order volume across different device stores like iOS, Android, Windows, and Web, facilitated through the Query Studio.

In this case study, a prominent online Retail & B2B store based in Texas, USA recognized the need to outpace competition by fostering customer loyalty. VirpieTech’s eCommerce experts played a pivotal role in significantly enhancing the eCommerce portal and its linked business intelligence capabilities. This transformation led to increased sales, heightened customer engagement, and empowered merchandisers to strategically offer the right products at the optimal times, leveraging the platform to its fullest potential.

The project’s standout features encompass purchaser analysis, uncovering buying patterns, and crafting data-driven promotions tailored to individual customer preferences. Additionally, tracking sales and margin performance across different products facilitated better decision-making while targeting marketing and relationship management efforts toward high-value customers maximized impact.

The incorporation of dashboards, reports, and the automated daily/weekly delivery of insights to admin staff and merchandisers added to the efficiency. Integration of Google Analytics and DFA data allowed for comprehensive analysis of customer behavior and usage patterns, guiding inventory and marketing strategies toward higher value items.

These case studies demonstrate our commitment to providing tailored technology solutions that drive tangible results. At VirpieTech, we’re dedicated to leveraging technology to transform challenges into successes.

At VirpieTech, We Believe in the Power of Collaboration

Whether you’re a government agency seeking to enhance your workforce or a commercial enterprise aiming to boost efficiency, we invite you to partner with us. Let’s work together to shape a brighter future.

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