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Founded in 1997, VirpieTech is a full-service information technology solutions firm with a strong track record in providing innovative workforce and technology solutions to federal and commercial agencies. As a National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC)-certified enterprise, we embody a dedication to quality, diversity, and empowerment in all that we do.

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Through a blend of industry expertise and a deep understanding of our clients’ unique needs, we deliver tailored solutions that foster growth, efficiency, and resilience.

Igniting Digital Transformation: Empowering Government and Commerce Through Innovation

Federal and Commercial Workforce and Tech Solutions

VirpieTech excels in technology workforce solutions and consulting, enabling optimized operational and financial performance. We empower federal and commercial organizations with top-tier solutions delivery, staff augmentation, and holistic technology program support.

We recognize the persistent hurdle of contractor availability faced by our clients. With agency-mandated clearances spanning months to years to acquire, timely workforce deployment becomes a formidable task. Enter VirpieTech, solving this conundrum with a pool of pre-screened contractors, each poised to integrate into your team seamlessly.

From IRS MBI to Public Trust and the coveted Top Secret clearance for the Department of Defense, our contractors encompass a spectrum of pre-validated qualifications. We meticulously align our pool with the unique screening requirements of diverse federal agencies, ensuring a swift and smooth onboarding process. Our contractors are primed to swiftly engage in your projects, minimizing downtime and propelling progress.

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Case Studies

Case Study #1: IT Staffing for Fortune 100 Company

In one instance, a Fortune 100 Company was grappling with high attrition rates and low contractor productivity...

Case Study #2: MSP/VMS – IT Staffing and Operational Efficiency

Another success story involves a Fortune 100 company that sought to streamline its staff augmentation needs nationally...

Case Study #3: Low Code/No Code – Digital Transformation Solutions

Our expertise in low code/no code solutions shines through in a case study involving digital transformation strategies...

At VirpieTech, We Believe in the Power of Collaboration

Whether you’re a government agency seeking to enhance your workforce or a commercial enterprise aiming to boost efficiency, we invite you to partner with us. Let’s work together to shape a brighter future.

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