VirpieTech's Recruitment Process Outsourcing services assist organizations in their recruitment tasks, so they can focus on strategic initiatives and their bottom line. VirpieTech RPO will manage the entire recruiting process, from job profiling to applying to on-boarding the new employees. We offer both offsite and onsite RPO services, depending on the client’s needs. Flexibility, quality, best practices driven processes, and continuous improvement ensure that clients are guaranteed efficient services and cost savings.

Features and Benefits of VirpieTech RPO

  • Fast and hassle-free end-to-end RPO services: VirpieTech’s integrated RPO services stack covers the entire recruiting process, maximizing operational efficiency and lowering costs. VirpieTech will take care of job profiling, pre-screening, resume submission, communication, background checks, drug tests, and payroll processing with the candidate. This way, during the recruiting process, managers can focus on interviewing pre-screened candidates and welcoming selected candidates on-board.

  • High-quality performance at low costs: Recruiting is our specialty; we transform recruiting from an administrative to a strategic function. We combine our end-to-end RPO strategy, commitment to client satisfaction, technology-driven solutions, and industry-specific expertise to recruit and retain the best candidates and ensure the highest ROI for our clients.

  • Flexible solutions to match clients’ changing needs and markets: With VirpieTech, it is easy and inexpensive for clients to ramp up or scale down recruitment drives. Whatever your staffing needs are, we’ll take care of it.

  • Transparent and effective communication between client, VirpieTech, and candidate: We provide a single point of contact for account management, as well as a full support staff that offers complete customer service for both clients and candidates.