Guyana is on the verge of becoming the largest oil producing country in the world on a per capita basis. Guyana is preparing for this by putting in place the regulatory framework to manage the sector and the investments that would follow. With recent oil discoveries, Guyana’s gross recoverable resources is now estimated at more than 9.0 billion barrels, making it one of the most significant global finds in recent years.

Area: 83,000 sq. mi. (215,000 sq. km)

Population: 773,303 (estimate of 2016)

Ethnic Groups: East Indian, African, European, Amerindian, Portuguese and Chinese

Religions: Christianity, Hinduism and Islam

Languages: English (official language), Hindi (only in some parts).

Weather: Tropical, 80 degree weather round the year.

National Sports: Cricket and Football.

Recruiting Need:

Timeframe: Immediate, 15 to 60 days hiring timeframe for 300+ positions
Experience: Minimum 1 year experience with offshore drilling

VirpieTech is part of Guyana's oil drilling initiative and we are currently hiring for all positions/all experience levels (ie, Rig Manager, Driller, Derrick hand, Motor hand, Floor hand, Lease hand, Technical Support Manager, Maintenance Technician, etc.). We will take care of all visa requirements and travel arrangements once hired. We will also show you a path to Guyanse Citizenship if interested. Please email your resume, contact details and salary requirements to