Continuous Improvement and Change Management

Our approach, for everything we do, is data driven and process and people centric. We begin by performing a detailed current environment assessment that uncovers pain points/bottle necks and areas of opportunity as well as establishing performance baselines. The information is analyzed, improvement opportunities are identified and solutions developed. Once agreed to by senior leadership, improvements are implemented and process controls put in place.

From basic to advanced training; project identification to full pipeline development; coaching and mentoring to full service project delivery; staff development to organizational design; Our team of Lean Six Sigma leaders have designed and implemented small and large scale programs, as well as restructured existing ones – no matter how fragmented or stale they have become. We provide a unique combination of Lean Six Sigma expertise along with strong and deep domain expertise.

All programs need fresh approach, we stay on cutting edge of Lean Six Sigma. Our team comes from various fortune 50 companies with years of experience in deploying quality program and delivering value.

  • Deliver training at YB, GB, BB and MBB level (custom designed based on your needs)
  • Deliver Design for Six Sigma training
  • Leading and executing projects as needed
  • Group consulting and one-on-one coaching / mentoring